What is required to pass GST??!

Constitutional Amendment Bill has to get:

  1. 2/3rd majority in Lok Sabha (LS) – Already passed
  2. 2/3rd majority in Rajya Sabha (RS) i.e. vote of 161 members of total 242.

(Currently NDA has 58 members and even if potential 35 supporters are included (NCP BJD INLD and Bodo People’s Front 10 nominated members and 9 Independents) tally goes to 93 seats versus 161 required).

RS elections to around 10 seats would come up in the early 2015, but 73 seats would go for polls only in early 2016.

  1. Ratification by atleast half of states (ie. atleast 15) – As per media reports, FM has tried to incorporate most of the demands of states and a broad consensus should have been achieved – Hence this should not be a big problem, if more than 50% states have agreed.
  2. Lastly GST Act/ Bill shall be placed in the parliament and various legislatures wherein simple majority (50%) will be required, post which GST roll out and levy of tax will begin.

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